IVY Swadhyay - June 2018

Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does!

Mumukshus revisit their destination everyday in the form of 3 malas – which highlight the path and destination, specifically focusing on the spiritual Master, who can help us maneuver the difficult bend.

Mala is meditation in itself. It strengthens our ray of concentration. It connects us to the enlightened ones, strengthening our faith and purity. Delving within, the mumukshu questions - Who am I? What do I want to achieve? Where do I want to reach? Which road shall I take? Who will show me the path? What is the path?

In this swadhyaay, Brahmnisht Minalben simplified the answers to these questions by explaining the profound meaning of the 3 malas that we are asked to mindfully recite every day and Brahmnsiht Vikrambhai narrated a dharma katha and underscored the importance of the 3 malas.

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·        Sahajatma swaroop param guru

Meaning:  The Guru, or an enlightened Master resides within, in the stillness of his being.

Practice: Practice stillness. It is possible to fulfill all the worldly responsibilities and yet be aware & be still in your true nature which is peaceful and full of happiness.

Importance: This particular mala holds the strength of Navkar Mantra as it addresses the Panch Parmesthi and the purity of their soul. Thus, when I practice the stillness and harmony of my mind, body and words, I can be my own guru. Surrendering at our Guru’s feet is the beginning of our path which is given to us in the form of these malas. The guidance of an enlightened Guru who has walked the path himself and will show us how to walk it, that is going to help us reach the destination of our soul - complete, pure and blissful self-realization. This mala is the antidote for all pain; it plays the role of an anchor in turbulent situations and that of refuge in loneliness - just as it did for Muni Lalluji when he suffered the agony of being away from KrupaluDev.

·        Aatam bhav na bhaavta jiv lahe kevalgnaan re

Meaning: One who contemplates the foundational virtues of the soul, eventually experiences and attains omniscience.

Practice: Contemplate deeply on the absolute truth, which is ‘the transient nature of this body and the purity and permanent nature of the soul’. This body is the hotel we have booked for this lifetime and are going to check-out of one day. This body cannot be mine forever; and I am not this body.

Importance: Contemplating on the mala helps us reach the spiritual state that our Guru has achieved. It will shift our focus from the outside world to our inner world. The suffering of birth-death cycle reduces. This mala is a form of Nirgun Bhakti that helps us gain infinite knowledge, wisdom and vision.

·        Param guru nirgranth sarvagna dev

Meaning: The foremost guru is completely unfettered and totally enlightened.

Practice: Be a witness, not a participant.

Importance: On becoming aware of our destination (omniscience), walking on the path shown by our Guru, we start to untie the knots because of our ignorance and ego. The more we become aware of the knots and what causes them, the faster would their power over us dissolve.

We have a Sadguru; he has reminded us of our true destination and showed us the path as well! He is our constant guiding light. Are we unwavering enough to focus on our destination and are we working on building on our capability to walk that directed road?