Dubai Celebrates Param Pujya Bhaishree's Amrutotsav

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The community in Dubai, UAE, came together to celebrate Param Pujya Bhaishree’s Amrutotsav with the Tejovalay play on Friday 5th October 2018, hosted in the Indian Consulate and with the esteemed presence of Consul General Vipulbhai and many leaders of the Jain and Indian community.

The Tejovalay play was met with rapturous applause, emotional tears and an inner awakening in many of the audience. For a seeker of truth, happiness and spiritual enlightenment, the practical questions being asked and explored in the play really connected within.

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Yug Purush shows sponsored by mumukshus in Sudan and Nairobi

Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshus Ashokbhai Parekh (Sudan show) and Manjuben Navin Raja (Nairobi) sponsored 3 shows of the Yug Purush play in Sudan (2) and Nairobi (1).

Two shows were hosted in the newly renovated Friendship Hall, Sudan.  The first show was hosted on 29th September 2017 in Gujarati. Over 650 people watched the impact of Shrimad Rajchandra on Mahatma Gandhi.  The head of Omdurman Community, Dr. Anil Mithani, Purushottam Samal (Attaché Commercial & Property, Embassy of India) were among the chief guests. 

The second show in Sudan, in English, was attended by 550 guests at the same venue.  Among the dignitaries present were the Minister of Culture - Sudan, Mr. Al Tayeb Badawi; Mr. Amrit Lugun (Ambassador, Embassy of India Khartoum), Hassan Abdel Gadir Hilal (Minister of Environment) and members of the Coptic Church and Missionaries of Charity, along with the head of African Development Bank, Dr. Abdul Kamara. 

The sponsor of the show Ashokbhai Parekh is very humble and was extremely reticent about his name being mentioned.  He says its all “Guru Kripa”. 

Another mumukshu, Manjuben Navin Raja and her family sponsored Yug Purush in Nairobi at Oshwal Center.  More than 500 people watched the play.

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Foodgrain distribution to the needy in Sudan

Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshu, Ashokbhai Parekh sponsored and organized foodgrain distribution drive to the needy in Sudan, in cooperation with volunteers from Arham Group (mumukshus of Pujya Namra Muni) and a local Sudanese NGO.  His wife, Parulben also wholeheartedly supported and participated in the distribution drive.

A total of 2,700 cartons were distributed in various regions in the suburbs of capital city Khartoum and Omdurman. Beneficiaries consisted of previously identified needy families, who expressed gratitude and gave heartfelt blessings on receiving their precious gifts.  Among the benefactors were 50 blind people.

Wheat, flour, lentils, dal, rice, sugar, chickpeas, dates, fruit drink powder and sunflower oil were distributed to individual families in their homes by volunteers who cheerfully worked long hours in the extremely hot climate.

The governor of Omdurman City and President of Omdurman Indian Community were present to witness this humanitarian activity, which was covered by the local news channels, radio stations and newspapers.

Ashokbhai Parekh said: “This activity was carried out under the grace of our Guru, Pujya Bhaishree.  His inspiration and his krupa inspired us to serve our fellow beings.”

We rise by lifting others - Seva activity by Raj Saubhag Dubai Mumukshus

On a warm morning of 12th May, 43 enthusiastic volunteers gathered in Sajja labour camp in Sharjah to distribute to 450 + 50 (total beneficiaries 500) labourers - rice, sugar, dal, dry fruits, dates, biscuits, t-shirts and caps.  This was part of the seva activity undertaken bymumukshus on a regular basis.  Surging ahead the labourers gratefully received their share, smiling widely on receiving the precious gifts. 

A total of 1500 kilos of foodgrains, 225 kilos of dates, 50 kilos of nuts and dried fruits were repackaged into individual bags and distributed.  The task of repackaging took 3 days, and volunteers participated in the entire process wholeheartedly and selflessly, fully aware that the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone

Ben Prabhu visits Dubai


Ben Prabhu visits Dubai

January 2017

Ben Prabhu, the spiritual head of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi visited Dubai for the first time, with her followers.  She graced the home of Birenbhai Jasani and gave a discourse to Raj Saubhag Ashram mumukshus in Dubai.

She elaborated on Letter number 40 from the Vachnamrut, specifically explaining the 4 qualities that a mumukshu must possess as mentioned by Shrimadji.

  • વિશાલ બુદ્ધિ 
  • સરળતા (straighforward)
  • મધ્યસ્થતા (equanimity)
  • જિતેંદ્રિયતા (unshackle from slavery of the senses)

Giving perspective Ben Prabhu said:  before reacting, we should activate our buddhi with the question - will my reaction and action bring in new karmas? Pause and reflect before reacting.  This is વિશાલ બુદ્ધિ.

સરળતા means lack of duplicity. When there is no difference between speech and conduct, it brings in the quality of straightforwardness. This precious human birth should not be wasted in being deceitful.  These two qualities are for internal transformation.  While maintaining your equanimity towards people who are unappreciative of your help and support is મધ્યસ્થતા .  And trying to overcome our slavery to our senses is જિતેંદ્રિયતા by recognising the omniscience and power of our Atma. These are the qualities that are required to be inculcated by every mumukshu desirous to attaining નિજ શુદ્ધતા  or moksh, as Shrimadji said in Atma Siddhi : 'મોક્ષ કહ્યો નિજ શુદ્ધતા'.

Ben Prabhu was also given an overview of the humanitarian activities undertaken by Raj Saubhag Ashram, Sayla and expressed satisfaction when informed that Sayla Ashram mumukshus have been organizing 3 swadhyays every week in Dubai.

Dubai Seva Activity

Dubai seva activity

December 2016

When one admires beautiful buildings, one scarcely gives even a passing thought to the sweat, toil, tears and sheer hard work put in by labourers who have given their all in constructing these imposing structures.

Mumukshus of Raj Saubhag Dubai group organized a Seva activity at 2 labour camps in Mankhool and Al Jadaf area by giving away goody bags – filled with essentials like rice, dal, sugar, tea, biscuits, almonds and t-shirts – trying in their own small way to bring a smile on their tired faces.

Queueing up excitedly the labourers were happy to receive their gift, cheerfully exclaiming, "Hey, there are almonds in my bag!",  and " I got dal as well".

Mumukshus too departed resolving to do more for these poor people and hoping they were able to restore faith in human values in the hearts of these labourers.